Discover What's New in The Rabbit Haul!

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In this post, we share all the new features and changes we made to our game in the last month!

Before we Begin

We would like to poll our fans to choose the look four the first magic weapon in the game! The ice wand or staff.

We'll add whichever one has the most votes to the game! ☃️

Image comparing the ice wand and staff

New Features

We've been hard at work adding new features to the game. Let's dive into what is new in the game this month!

Trash Items

Image of the new trash items in the game

We added trash items to the game as another source of income for the player. When trash is dropped from defeating an enemy or cutting wild grass, the player can sell it for extra currency at the shop. This new mechanic allows the player to buy seeds or upgrades at the shop from something other than selling their crops.

It's also quite fitting that trash pandas would drop trash, right?

Grass Cutting

Gif of curring grass

Fans of Stardew Valley, Minecraft and Zelda games will feel right at home with this new feature: We've added the ability for players to cut the grass! As we explained above, grass can drop trash as a secondary source of income. It also regrows at night so that you always have something to do during the day.

Screenshot of the game with overgrown grass

New Look for the Grid

Image comparing the old grid and the new grid

We spent a lot of time reworking the farming grid to be more intuitive. In this new grid, each plantable object such as seeds takes up one cell on the grid. This removes a lot of visual noise and simplifies the look of the grid compared to the old 3 by 3 planting square. It also makes it a lot easier to make very neat layouts like this 👇

Screenshot of the game showing a clean farm layout

User Interface

We realized that we needed to add some basic UI so that players could intuitively learn how to play the game. Therefore, we started designing panels that would provide details about each crop and tower like the number of days left until harvest, or buttons to upgrade to the next tier.

We also added instructions inside the temporary haul UI so that players could understand the haul mechanic better.

Screenshot of the new haul user interface


We believe these new features and changes make the game more balanced between the farming day phase and the defending night phase. Also, the new UI tweaks allow players to learn the mechanics of the game more intuitively. We are slowly but surely getting closer to you being able to test the game! Keep an eye out for it 👀

-- Until next time! 👋

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