Photo of the Caldera Interactive team eating dinner together


How our studio began

Caldera Interactive was created in 2018 when Jeff Cho sought out fellow University of Alberta graduates, Isael Huard, Mickael Zerihoun and Titus Lo, to found a part-time game studio together. All individuals on the team were hand-picked for their passion and care for the gaming industry, as well as their diverse skill sets that complement each other’s. Caldera Interactive was officially incorporated in 2019 and Isael, Mickael and Titus started full-time operations of the studio in 2022. Since then, the team has worked on multiple prototypes that received over $500,000 CAD from the Canada Media Fund and other funding bodies. The team also won the GDC Pitch competition in 2024 for their game, The Rabbit Haul, set to release in 2026. Making its home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Caldera prides itself on being a diverse and bilingual (English/French) studio that makes fun games with a great team.

Photo of Caldera Interactive winning the GDC Pitch competition


What is a caldera?

A caldera is a large crater formed by the most explosive of volcanic eruptions. As magma is forcefully expelled from the volcano, it collapses inward and forms a crater that often fills up with water to become a beautiful lake. A caldera represents our journey: the chaos of creating a studio full of new graduates in a volatile industry, leading to a place of peace and beauty through the games we create and the environment we’ve cultivated.

Photo of a Caldera


Caldera Interactive is an indie game studio based in Edmonton, Alberta dedicated to making wholesome quality games with cute aesthetics. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge and fostering a vibrant community, helping each other grow and thrive in the video game industry.

Image of the Caldera Interactive logo showing a caldera


We aim to be a sustainable, safe place for creativity to thrive, offering exceptional games and fostering a community of outstanding individuals.


We Learn, We Share

Our Core is our Team

Approachable & Considerate

Humble in Growth

Our Team

Photo of Isael Huard

Isael Huard

Producer, Sound Designer

Isael's childhood gaming experiences, hindered by language barriers, sparked his passion to make games accessible. Now an award-winning sound designer, he has diverse industry experience and over a decade as a project manager and instructor, serving underserved students in the French language-minority arts and culture sector.

Mickael Zerihoun


Mickael, a second-generation Ethiopian born in France and now in Canada, co-founded the Game Discovery Exhibition (GDX). He helped secure government support for Alberta game creators and is a senior programmer with nearly a decade in Unity and over five years as a full-stack developer.

Titus Lo

Artist, Game Designer

Titus has crafted service, product, and branding designs for events like Edmonton Direct 2021. He excels in human-centered design, creating accessible, inclusive, and safe products for clients like Revelstoke Search and Rescue and The City of Edmonton. A man of faith, he ensures respectful work environments and gaming experiences.

Courtney Nickerson

Community Manager

Courtney has three years in esports, five in project management, and a decade of administrative experience. She leads social media, engages at events, and has raised over $15,000 for Stollery Children's Hospital via Twitch. Passionate about gaming, Courtney continually seeks new community connections.