Game Update: New Tower Announcement! ✨

Thumbnail showing our game's new tower the Touch Me Not

In this post, we share the new tower we added to our game last month, and other game updates!

Touch-Me-Not Tower

Last month, we added a new tower that will help defend your garden. It is a shotgun-type tower that packs an incredible punch in close quarters. It also slows down enemies for a time, which is a game-changer when raccoons are at your doorstep!

Gif of the Touch Me Not tower shooting its pellets at enemies

The Touch-Me-Not tower is inspired by a plant native to India and Myanmar called Basalm or Touch-Me-Not shown below. It is known for shooting its seeds when touched, a phenomenon called explosive dehiscence. Therefore, this tower shoots its pellets at enemies at close range.

Image of the Basalm or Touch Me Not Plant

Ice Wand

Based on your votes from last month, we added the ice wand to the game. It shoots ice shards at enemies from a distance and slows them down on impact. We also added the ability to switch between weapons in your inventory, so you can quickly go from melee to range attacks.

Gif of the ice wand attack


Since raccoons come from all directions, you need to move quickly from one side to the other. Therefore, we added the ability to dash. This way, you will always be in the action!

Gif of dashing movement in our game

Improved Watering

The game will have you watering your garden A LOT. To make this fun, we added a watering can. When it is equipped, you can click and hold to activate the water sprinkle, and move around to water your crops.

Gif of the new water interaction

Carrot Sword

We added another melee weapon called the Carrot Sword. This weapon's attack power is based on the number of carrots you have in your haul. This weapon incentivizes you to grow carrots to become more powerful! Be careful though, because when raccoons steal carrots from your haul, you will become weaker immediately!

Gif of the carrot sword swing


The last month was very busy as we implemented a lot of new features and fixed a lot of bugs to hit our milestone. Nevertheless, we were able to take two weeks off during the holidays to recharge.

On that note, we want to wish you all a Happy New Year! 🎉

--Until next time! 👋

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