We’re Gearing Up for a Busy Summer 🌞

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There are so many events and so many updates coming to our game this summer. Learn all about it here!

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we’re thrilled to bring you some exciting updates from our world. This summer promises to be our best yet, with big events and bigger game updates on the horizon. Here’s what we’ve been up to and what you can look forward to:

Game Updates

Ahead of our May playtest, we implemented a number of exciting changes:

  • New Lose Condition: You no longer instantly lose when your haul reaches 0 crops! You lose when your haul is depleted AND raccoons have escaped with the stolen crops. You will also lose when your health bar reaches 0 hp, adding to the importance of strategic combat and fighting alongside your towers.
  • New Tower - Wild Rose: The Wild Rose tower slows down enemies that walk through it and has a chance of causing a damage-over-time (DoT) effect called "Thorn". In addition, by placing a Wild Rose beside another Wild Rose, both towers will get a buff to their slow and Thorn effects. This does not work with diagonal placement. See below for more information!
  • New UI: We have updated the look of the inventory bar and health bar in response to visibility concerns from previous playtests
  • New SFX: We added a number of sound effects to items in the game, including the Touch-Me-Not tower attack, tower upgrades, rabbit healing and damage, and raccoon attacks.
Image showing the details of the new Wild Rose Tower
Image showing the symbiosis mechanics of the Wild Rose tower

May Playtest

Image that summarizes the results of the latest playtest

Our recent playtest presented us with some challenges and invaluable lessons. While not everything went as planned, we believe that facing these difficulties head-on will ultimately lead to a stronger, more enjoyable game. Here’s what we’ve learned and how we’re addressing the issues:

  • Playtest Procedure Updates: We noticed a decline in our playtesting numbers, despite increasing our interest since March. After chatting with our members, it was identified that our biggest issues were the short playtesting windows and unclear updates of changes. We are planning to extend our future playtests and better communicate updates about The Rabbit Haul to our Discord members.
  • Gameplay Imbalances: We were excited to add new lose conditions to the game, and improve on the addition of player health from the previous playtest. However, we discovered some imbalances that negatively impacted our players’ runs. Our team is hard at work rebalancing our enemy waves and towers to ensure a more even playing field.
  • Bug Fixes: We encountered more bugs than anticipated with our new features. Rest assured, our developers are prioritizing these fixes to enhance stability and performance.

Your honest feedback is crucial, and we’re grateful for your patience and support. We’re committed to learning from these experiences and making the necessary improvements to deliver the best possible gaming experience.

With the convention season upon us, we will be playtesting The Rabbit Haul exclusively in person during these events. Stay tuned to our Discord and socials for more information, including future online playtests.

Local Summer Events

We’re excited to announce our participation in Game Con Canada this year, June 14 to 16, 2024 in Edmonton! We will be at booth 863 in Hall F with the latest version of The Rabbit Haul for you to play and we’ll also have art postcards and stickers available to take. Make sure to come say hi if you’re in the area!

Screenshot of the Game Con Canada floor plan and the location of our booth

In addition to Game Con Canada, we will also be a part of Game Discovery Exhibition (GDX), hosted during Edmonton’s K-Days festival, July 17 to 28, 2024. While we don’t have our exact location or times yet, we look forward to showcasing The Rabbit Haul to those enjoying the festivities.

We’re Headed to Gamescom Germany!

But that’s not it for events! We’re also packing our bags for Gamescom in Germany. As one of the largest gaming events in the world, Gamescom offers a fantastic platform for us to showcase our latest updates and interact with our global community. We’ll be unveiling some big surprises, so if you’re in Cologne or attending online, be sure to check out our booth and keep an eye on our socials for some exciting updates.

Thank you for being part of our journey. This summer is shaping up to be an unforgettable season for our community, and we can’t wait to share all these exciting experiences with you. Stay connected with us on social media for the latest news and updates.

Happy Gaming!

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