Announcing the Mechanics of Project Ghost! 👻

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In this post, we are telling you all about the mechanics of our game, Project Ghost.

What is Project Ghost?

Project Ghost is the working title of our multiplayer cooperative adventure roguelite game. You play as a team of up to four ghostbusters contracted to explore haunted mansions, discover the entity inside and help it find peace. But, players must be careful, as the ghost may be aggressive towards intruders…


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Using only their flashlights, players will venture inside the mansion to find clues on how to save the ghost inside.


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Players will work together to solve the mysteries allowing them to complete their contract.


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The mansion contains the resources and tools required to complete objectives, such as an ultraviolet light that will uncover secret markings.


Gif showing survival gameplay

The ghost is always watching; if you are too loud and careless, it will come for you.

The Prototype

For the past year, we have been working on a prototype where players can connect with up to four players and explore a hand-crafted mansion that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. It features a ghost archetype sensitive to noise and movement, which means it becomes aggressive the more you loot and explore its home.

By being thorough in their investigation, players will know what to do to purify the ghost’s soul and save it from its suffering. All players share a contract with clear objectives to complete. However, the prototype has no elements outside the game, such as out-of-run rewards or loadout customization.

What's Next?

The next step for Project Ghost is getting feedback from players so that we can iterate on our mechanics and features. However, the prototype is not ready for a public playtest because an online game requires a lot of maintenance and infrastructure that we do not have set up right now. But, we will start showcasing the game at various events and conferences where players can play in a controlled environment. We will also host a few closed playtests on invitation only in the next few months.

We will update you on where and when those opportunities to play Project Ghost happen in our newsletter.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we shared today!

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